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1.  Pupils MUST hold a valid driving licence, and must meet legal eyesight requirements  by use of glasses or contact lenses if necessary.  This is subject to checks at any time by your instructor. This is a legal requirement and is the pupil's responsibility.

2.  Pupils MUST NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during lessons. Lessons will be cancelled if this is the case, and is still chargeable.

3.  While the instructor will inform the pupil of legal requirements while driving, it is the driver, (learner or not), who is responsible for any fines or traffic offences. The instructor will do all possible to prevent any contraventions, but the pupil is ultimately responsible.

4.  All lessons are paid for at time of booking to confirm appointment via deposit. These deposits are refundable with 48hrs notice from lesson start time.

5.  Any appointment cancelled by the pupil with less than 48hrs notice will be charged. If the pupil doesn't show up for the lesson the full price of that lesson will be charged. At the beginning of your course your instructor will give you contact details to get in touch when necessary.

6. The instructor reserves the right to adjust lesson times from time to time, with mutual arrangement.   Driving tests must take priority over lessons, so lessons may be adjusted to accommodate test bookings for other pupil. This is unfortunate if your lesson is cancelled, but it could benefit you for your test further down the line.

7.  Pupils wishing to use the instructor's vehicle for test must have the instructor's approval for test readiness. The instructor reserves the right to deny use of the vehicle if they believe the pupil to be below test/safe standard.

The pupil is fully liable for the cost of  repaires for any damage caused to the vehicle during the test, as the examiner is there only to OBSERVE, not supervise.  Tests must be booked at a time convenient to the instructor and pupil using their ADI  number. To avoid disappointment please talk to your instructor before booking your test.

8.  Pupils must remember to bring their licence and theory certificate for their test.

9.  The DVSA contact the pupil direct if the test has been cancelled or rearranged.   The pupil must inform the instructor of this.  The DVSA have their own guidelines which the pupil should observe when booking their test.

10.  All lessons are fully refundable after being partially used.  Block bookings of 10hrs should be used or refunded within 3 months unless mutually agreed under exceptional circumstances.  Unused lessons of of block are returned at the normal hourly rate.

All fees are subject to adjustment with 2 weeks notice.

11.  Instructors guarantee to be fully qualified and insured to give driving instruction. 

12.  Lessons may be sat in on by anothe instructor of by a DVSA Examiner.  This has no bearing on the pupil, and is purely for observing the instructor.  Warning will be given of this where possible.

13.  A legal and roadworthy vehicle will be provided for your training.

14.  Lessons may be done in the pupil's own car, providing that confirmation of all legal point is provided, (insurance, MOT, etc). However, the pupil must provide a secondary rear view mirror for the instructor and examiner's use.

15. Pupil who use their own vehicle are doing so in the knowledge that any damage caused to their own vehicle is the responsibility of the driver.

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