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Motorway driving

Having just passed your driving test, you may feel a little nervous about getting behind the wheel

and hitting those busy, fast and congested motorways – it can be a daunting experience.


Our carefully planned motorway course helps equip you with the confidence to tackle those busy 

lanes head on so you feel comfortable in taking to the roads on your own.


What you can expect:

  • Dealing with faster speeds and multiple lanes

  • Planning ahead and anticipation of situations developing in good time

  • Defensive driving

  • Leaving and joining a motorway

  • Reading and understanding signs

  • Safe following distance

"Emma helped me realise I had the tools I needed to drive on the motorway"
Having only ever driven i my local area I found the idea of motoway driving for my new job terrifying. Emma helped me to realise I had the tools I needed to drive on the motorway and helped me develop and better these skills. That coupled with some practical explanations and 

suggested reading gave me the confidence to take the promotion I was offered. 


Heather, Stockport

Here's what some of our motorway drivers have said about their learning experience with our driving school:
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