Taster sessions

You may be thinking about starting to learn to drive or already invested some time and money in another driving instructor or school but don’t feel happy with your progress.


Our first hour free taster sessions allow you to test drive our instructors before you sign up for a programme of lessons. We want to make sure you feel at home with our instructors as well as ensure that you feel driving is for you.


What you can expect:

Our taster sessions are usually a two hour lesson but you only pay for one hour and cover the following:


  • Meet and greet with your chosen instructor

  • If you’ve driven before, we will take you on a short drive to see how you settle into the car as well as driving instruction

  • If you’ve never driven before we will help you to understand the basics of driving a car before moving the car

  • All lessons at your own pace 




"After a taster session with Carol I learned so much more than with my previous instructor "
‘My previous instructor was so bossy, I felt I was not learning why I needed to do things, just doing them.  Carol took the time to explain everything and I knew I would make more progress with her and booked my lessons right up to my test’.

Caitlyn, Stockport